History of Frandum


The world has been through three ages before it took the shape it has today, during the Fourth Age. Even though archives are scarce for the two first ages (and the following information subject to questioning), the history of the Third Age has already become a legend.

The Creation

In the beginning was the void. Or was it? It is believed the gods have existed of all times. Not yet corporeal as they may be seen nowdays, but already as thoughts struggling to become real. In those times they had no names yet, but already the hatred burnt between them. This was before time.
Seven times they fought at the dawn of times before the thoughts became conscious minds. Seven times the powers of the three gods sparkled within the void. What happened during the eighth battle, no one really knows, not even the gods understand. Raw energies, mindless spirits entered the fight, but those who emerged after it where conscious beings. With minds came shapes and flesh. With their newly created eyes, the gods looked at the void they had occupied for eons. Within this void now floated seven balls of fire. Seven lights that were suns. Seven lights that were their first battles. Within the light of those suns stood the world we know, the eighth creation.

The creation of the world

The First Age

The first to come to Frandum was Galanhir, whose realm is light and purity. The world had a shape, but it was an empty shell: volcanos were still vomitting molten rocks on the empty stone socle, and a warm rain filled empty oceans. For an endless time Galanhir roamed the world, trying to understand the gods' creation, his creation. Then he began to work on the flow of raw light which was coming from the suns, adding his benevolence and love to the threads of light. Thus he created Life.
These words we employ here cannot begin to fathom what took place in the world, but it is the best we understand, as mere ungodly beings. Nevertheless, the world which had been empty, was now thriving with plants and animals, and among them walked the ancestors of all the races of Frandum, which were to give birth to all sentient beings. And everyone lived in peace and harmony, bathed in Galanhir's love. Obviously, this creation drew the attention of the other gods.

The Second Age

All kind of myths have been heard on the coming of Shezael. The most likely theory, even though only faith can make us believe it, is that she took possession of the body of a young woman, the creation of Galanhir she despised the less, and began to sow the seeds of Evil in his peaceful Eden. Within order she brought chaos, within light she brought darkness, to the world she brought putrescence and decay, and to men she teached greed, hatred and war.
The Lord of Light could not let his creation be destroyed by Shezael, so he roused armies and champions to fight those of his children which she had corrupted, to destroy Evil before it covered the world. The Dark Queen did just the same, and battles shook the world, more and more violent as the armies of Good and Evil grew in strength and in violence. This is when the third god decided to interfere.

The Age of Legends

Reset came last. He had seen the war, his belief was that the world would end if either won. He took for symbol the balance and rose champions and armies, always helping the weaker side, not trying to win but to keep the fight even. Thus the world calmed down for centuries, through which it took a shape resembling the one we know today, and its inhabitants tasted a period of relative peace.
But this situation couldn't be accepted by Galanhir and Shezael, and even though the stability offered by the three balanced powers of the gods denied them any chance to act openly against each other, they carefully instilled in inhabitants of Frandum the will to fight one another, raising champions to once more uphold their cause. Of these champions and of their battles we know the tales, carefully written and passed down to us through the centuries.

They are the Tales of the Third Age.

The Fourth Age

After the events which ended the Third Age, the gods finally understood that they could not continue fighting one another this way, and that life, which had been Galanhir's creation, was now shared equally between them. Thus they retired from this world, leaving behind a new caste of people they called Wizards. Wizards were to represent all the aspirations of the people of Frandum: Knights to fight and defend, Thaumaturges to meditate and learn, priests to gather and lead. They were to be chosen among the mortals who would prove extraordinary dispositions, and to use their powers to support their faith against the other religions.
Thus the world carries on nowadays, carefully watched and altered by Wizards, under the vigilant eyes of the distant, yet not retired Gods. And as long as Frandum's inhabitants believe, the struggle will go on.

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