Kingdoms of Frandum

Historical note

Over its various ages, the world has known many kingdoms, and lands have shifted from one leading race to another, or from one cult to another countless of times. What is presented here is the analysis of the Fourth Age's kingdoms, with reference to the past only when it can throw a new light on the present.

A city

Kingdoms listing

KingdomCitiesPopulationDominant speciesRegimeDominant cultProducts
Valea Agnor, Kinsmouth, Tumulus 10,000,000 Human Feudal Galanhir Grain, weapons
Coranor Sanctuary 4,000,000 Human Democracy Galanhir Trade, goins
Tan Lorak Elkozan, Hopz 6,000,000 Drow Monarchy Shezael Fruits, fabrics
Leavern Dimeniel 2,800,000 Sylvan elf Republic Galanhir Wood
Kraegor Tak-Nor 3,700,000 Dwarf Monarchy Reset Metals, weapons
Phodela Liriel, Rivercross 3,200,000 High elf, human Monarchy Galanhir Craft, art
Dostenia Masenwood, Leutariny 2,200,000 Human Anarchy Reset Charcoal, oil, furs
Sulmak Chok-Ter 5-8,000,000 Orc Feudal Shezael Stone, metal
Carleny Northernhelm 3,600,000 Human Monarchy Reset Furs
Lean Kalinth, Pettisburg 1,200,000 Human Dictature Shezael None
Tasaar Eberzan, Abersabil 1,400,000 Human, lizardman Tribal None Spices, gold
New Banire Morcook 2,100,000 Human Democracy Reset Miscellaneous
Etenland None 3,300,000 None Anarchy None None
Moresh Shenar Enhoth 100,000 Undead Unknown Shezael None
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