Cholby the Hunter

While he still was a baby, Cholby was brought by his father to Slayer, Hegemon of Druid, telling him before he left him these words that stayed forever in his memory "Prove me your worth"... For the child was uncommon and had the body of a horse and the torso, arms and head of a human.

He has been raised by the druids, in a perfect harmony with nature, somewhere near the valley of Peace. He spent there his childhood wondering why his father abandoned him and why Slayer never agreed to tell him more.

Then he decided to find his father by himself and to do everything to gain immortality if necessary. He asked his friend Kassmir to bring him to the Crossroads of Wildstone to face his destiny and begin his quest.

He faced dangers, learnt how to use weapons and spells. He met a lot of friends and decided to become neutral to help Gnum, his priest, to never let injustice triumph. He undertook to protect the weak oppressed, whoever he can be.

Finally he succeeded to reach the rank of wizard and to become an immortal. He choosed to have an independent life, near nature, far from the fight between Sheazel and Galanhir but ready to intervene if frandum's balance was in danger. Gnum, who, as Slayer, knows all about his story told him what he wanted to know since his youth, about his father. He would be the keeper of a legendary hidden city. Then, things became clearer and clearer in his mind. He had to prove his father that he deserved to replace him. His quest is now near its end. He will soon meet his father again.





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