Feyn the Elven Prophet

Kerian, my father, was a high-elf. When he was still very young, he left his city of Liriel, in the kingdom of Phoeal, to discover the world. During his first adventures, he met a Dwarf whose name was Gnum, and they became friends, which is quite uncommon between their two people.
One day, he managed to enter the Elventrees of Leavern, where lived his cousins the sylvan elves he had always wanted to meet, but Gnum refused to follow him, not too keen about visiting elves. So Kerian went alone among the silvery trees, and the magic of the place seized him: he met a young elven lady and fell in love with her. She was called Tariniel and was about to become my mother.
My parents lived happily for moths, during which I was born from their love. But one day orcs attacked the forest, and my parents had to flee before them. My father fought for our lives, but fell under their blows, and my mother was about to die too when Gnum appeared. He slaughtered the orcs one by one, but couldn't save Tariniel who, dying, doffed a ring from her fingers to place it around my neck, uttering a prophecy:
"Receive this ring, my son, and never let it go. Its power will grow with yours, but none shall see it before you reach immortality. Then you'll be able to wear it and use it to defend life, since you'll have found your destiny."
And as my mother died, the ring's emerald lost color and warmth. I learnt afterwards that it was called the Sigil of Life, forged at the beginning of the world by the elves as a tribute to the "Miracle", the allmighty force of life. But I never learnt how it came into my mother's belonging...

So it was that Gnum took me out of the havoc the Elventrees had become, and bore me to the Valley of Peace in Dostenia, to protect me against Shezael's servants until I be strong enough to face them. There I grew up, learning how to respect and cherish life, whatever its form. I used to go to the Rainbow Tower, where the mighty Wizard living there guided me on the path of goodness. I discovered the light of Galanhir and understood that it was ther perfect realization of my life oath.
One day, Gnum, who had become immortal and thought me ready, took me to the Crossroads of Wildstone, for me to begin my travels and discoveries. I learnt the bases of magic and fighting, helped by an immortal called Slayer, and I was soon able to come back to the Elventrees. There I learnt the story of my parents, and the queen gave me an elven cloak allowing me to partly hide among trees and shadows.
Then I resumed my quest for experience and wisdom, fighting for Galanhir, and the Sigil of Life regained color and warmth while my powers grew. After having fulfilled several quests, I went to Sunset Island, where I at last met the people of my father. Denaelyn, their queen, received me at her court and gave me a shimmering robe, the color of which goes throughout the rainbow but looks white at first sight. She also told me about a prophecy she saw in me, but left me in mistery as I resumed my life of quests and adventure.

Eventually I became immortal and for the first time I dared wear my mother's ring. The world was revealed to me in a way I would never have imagined: every single animal and plant radiated light and, somehow, love. I beheld the Miracle. My oath of protecting and defending life was then renewed, and the queen of Leavern gave me the Bow of the Seed, a weapon which shall only be used against evil creatures: for every one it kills, a grain will grow and a flower will blossom.
But dark tidings were coming from the west, and I visited Denaelyn, who showed me a book written at the beginning of times:

Twice the great evil shall threaten your people
Once for dusk, once for dawn
Once for death, once for life
Twice shall you suffer for the sake of light

But there will come a time,
When the day is dark and the need is dire
There will come one
Who will guide you throughout the night

He will be born from the blend of bloods
And in him the alliance will be renewed
A king without crown or kingdom
Shall lead your people to freedom

Power he won't require or need
But in him you will place your creed
Follow him on the path I know set
He who will be named the elven prophet

Then my true nature was revealed to me : I had to lead my people through the dark days and toward the light beyond, channelling their faith in Galanhir as his priest in this world. So I received a residence in the legendary forest of white trees, where the elves go when they retire from the world, and live until the end of times.
I go there from time to time, when I'm not in the world of Frandum to show the light of Galanhir to its inhabitants, and guide the elves throughout the troubled time they are facing, since as long as Shezael's minions live in this world, the Bow of the Seed's quiver won't remain empty...




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