Bloodymary, Knight of Dark Age

Fragments of his diary

First page

Freeday in the 1st week of Flocktime hour 6
Today I sat in front of this strange stone statue which seems to come from the deepest part of the earth. It represents a man holding a balance. A sign indicates it is the Crossroads of Wildstone, but what does it cross? This statue must be one of the god of the inhabitants... Even in my wildest dreams, I would never have thought of being here, not even knowing who I am, from where I come... Looking at me, I see the body of a young guy... What can I do?  

Freeday in the 1st week of Flocktime hour 12
All around me the valley did begin to loose its white snowy layer, oaks and poplars are now like naked without the snow covering their limbs. The sun shines over the ice on the roof of the small chapel in the forest called "Midwood". Visiting it was sure interesting. All around me, not a single being, it is as if time had been stoped... Though, covering the silence somehow, I can hear the noise of water.

Freeday in the 1st week of Flocktime hour 20
I met a valourous druid which seems to have a wicked philosophy: according to him, one should always protect the weakest, no matter if he is the robber or the robbed one. How can one understand this way of thinking, how can one not choose between good and evil? This Slayer is a really strange man. I also met a judge called Krandhall, who helds the same reasoning as Slayer. He seems to flare up very easily!

Sunday in the 1st week of Flocktime hour 7
There are other people who seem as lost as I am, a young dwarf named Gnum who tells me a lot about his small feits, and an amazon, more advanced than me in the exploration of this world who seems very kind. They both chose this neutral path everyone around seems to like, following the god Reset. This exasperates me.

Sunday in the 1st week of Flocktime hour 18
I learnt there are two others alignements in Frandum : those who preach love is all, following the god Galanhir who represents the Light, and those who preach for destruction, giving their soul to Shezael, a terrifying Queen. I met a representant of each of those two alignemnts: Osidarta, a sissie good spirit, whom I really do not want to take as a model, and PatTheBold, an adept of Shezael, whose sight clearly show me what life was!

Moonday in the 1st week of Flocktime hour 4
It took me almost no time to understand how I would live here: the strongest has all rights, and the best way is to kill and rob to survive. I even like that a lot! I consequently will join Shezael's followers and recognize PatTheBold as my master. Really I was afraid one would prevent me from sinning: this is the thing I like the most!
The following pages are unreadable... except for the very last one:

Conclusion of my adventurer's life

Shezael, my Queen, I offer you humbly my soul and my eternal love: today I just became an immortea, strongly dedicated to ensure the domination of destruction and chaos. I will do my best to maintain this world as dark as possible, and I chose to be a Knight in order to ensure the destruction of beauty in Frandum. My home is established in a lost valley dign of the Dark Age!

Bloodymary, Knight of Dark Age




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