Antirak the Dreamer

I was born in a small village called Euphor. My parents were poor farmers who were forced to work hard all day long to earn their living. Soon in my life I had to help my parents for the work in the fields. I acquired a taste for living in the fresh air but I was bored to death with this monotonous life. But a terrible event was going to turn upside down my destiny. One day, as I was eleven years old, I had gone for a walk in the neighbouring forest as I was used to do. I was sitting under a big beech and I was imagining the adventurous life I could have, a life filled with beautiful maidens in distress and dreadful dragons. Eventually I fell asleep...

I woke up late and hurried up to go back home for the dinner. But while I was away, the village had been attacked and sacked by a band of pillagers. The roads were strewn with corpses and I discovered among them my parents, my single family. Horrified I fled into the forest and I wandered a few days without goal, like mad, eating wild berries. One evening I met a priest of Reset who was coming back from a pilgrimage. The priest saw immediately the distress on my face and asked me to tell my story. In the end the priest decided to take me in and brought me to the monastery. I spent five years there and learnt reading, praying, worshipping Reset, the basis of magic and the art of fighting. The day of my sixteenth birthday I said to my protector: "I thought long about that and I finally understood that my destiny was not to become a monk and to stay living and praying here. I learnt a lot in the monastery but now I have to find my own way in the world." The old priest answered:"I have dreaded this moment for a long time. But as it is your wish, go and follow your way. May Reset bless you!". I gathered his belongings and went away, ready to set off in search of adventure.





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