GreatWondy, Princess of the Amazons

Still looked upon with extreme caution in our world, the Amazons are more than simple female warriors. They form an entire society of women having developed remarkable techniques of attack and protection. They are well-known for their bravery and daring, but also for their skill as horsewomen. In this society, men are not considered as equals to women but regarded more as toys or stallions for the reproduction... Seriously endangered by several heroes and mortals having taken them as targets, the Amazons had to change their life to understand why the gods seemed so unkind to them. They consequently chose to migrate to their former holiday island, where they were able to settle quietly, far away from the rest of humankind. Their Queen Penthesilee made them develop their religious and spirituous sides, letting them learn the world from the inside and the outside and forming them in the art of war masters and the art of the mind. GreatWondy, Penthesilee's daughter, is a pure product of this new education.

 Used to every martial art from an early age, expert in gunnery and weapons' handling, she is also extremely fond of music and poetry. On becoming an adult, she swore to make virtue and honesty masters of the world, dedicating herself to giving her nation its ancient power back and making its wise laws known to the rest of the world. Her patroness, the sorceress Theana helped her in this campaign and continues to give her advice to perfect her feats. Her first action was to defeat the traitor Irkales who had stolen the belt of her ancestor Hippolyte. She now wears proudly this belt to remind anybody of the dangers of defying her and travels throughout the world to help poor and orphans.




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