The Tournament of Death

Some life, but mainly death

A Tournament Of Death is a game of war and blood in which we can happily kill one another. The only rule is: be the last one alive, whatever you do.

In such a game, every player is given the same experience, which, sadly enough, cannot grow no matter how many quests they perform. Thus, the only way for you to beat your opponents will be to rely upon:

  • Your knowledge of the world, and the best places to find stuff, food, or to lay in ambush
  • How well you can combine your character's skills and spells in order to come with unpredictible results
  • Your strategy and the overall game of alliances
  • Your swiftness (slow-fingered players may not last long)
  • A looooooot of luck, either in fighting or in coming across a dead or wounded player :-)

The Tournament of Death

Why todding ?

A TOD is a the perfect place for performing any of the following:

  • Prove your worth and your mastering of the game to other players
  • Have a unique occasion to kill these nasty Wizards who thought themselves so much smarter than you
  • Remove some of your frustration, give way to your anger in the creative enjoyment of blood-shedding
  • View your favorite game/world in a whole new angle
  • Win a shining medal to show off in the Crossroads of Wildstone
  • Have fun!

Ok, this is fun, but what should I do now?

The TOD board placed in the crossroads at a green meadow (due north of the Crossroads of wildstone) is the place where you can find informations about the TOD: previous winners, some comments from the players, informations on the next TODs...

The day and the time of the tournament, you will then log on a dedicated server with a brand new character, whose level will be the one chosen for the TOD (and the same for each TOD player) and strictly nothing but 100 goins.
You then have to rush off as soon as the Gods start the game, to collect things that might be useful during a fight (i.e. shield, sword, armor, food and so on). Your purpose being to stay alive as long as possible, you will have to kill other players who take part in the tournament, take their stuff and weapons, but also use every bit of information you have about our world to be the best prepared.

Note that in general the first ten minutes are "kill forbidden" i.e that you can't attack your fellow players before the end of those ten minutes, and also that the TOD finishes in general with a fight in a locked room, from which you won't be able to escape. The winner will then be the last one to stay alive.

The winner will receive the TOD winner medal from the hands of the God, this medal having the purpose of indicating to everyone who the latest TOD winner is. To keep their medal, TOD winners consequently have to play TOD again.

As it is clearly more fun when there are lots of players joining the tournament, everybody is welcome to play (as soon as they have sufficient knowledge of the world, that is)!

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