Euronymous, Prince of Death

Euronymous grew up in Sanctuary as the son of a wealthy merchant. Back then, he was called Enathkinil, and was a tall, lively elf. His life was prosperous, and he had not much to complain about. His parents were good people, and always cared for him more than any other of his 4 brothers. He was the youngest of them, and also the weakest, giving result in getting beaten up by his elder brothers when their parents were not looking. His brothers were vicious people, not alike their parents in any way. This was what got him into the big change of his life.

It all started when a disease struck his mother, and nearly killed her. This made the little boy, at the age of 14, to realise that there was evil in this world. By that time, he decided that he wanted nothing else but to become a warrior in the service of Galanhir, to fight this evil, and never let any disease strike the people of this world. His brothers, not liking this, tried in all horrible ways possible to stop him from reaching his goal, and by the time his mother got the disease, his brothers had hired a man to show their brother the dark path, and to forget the falseness which was the light of Galanhir. This man they hired had a reputation of being utterly evil, and this was for sure. What no one knew was that he did not only worship Shezael, but possessed a power with which he could create immortal, nearly godly beings, and this is what he did to the young elf. He made him a vampire in the service of Shezael, he taught him the arts of hatred, revenge and felony. He was also told that there was only place for one power to reign in this world, the power of darkness and chaos. Under the wicked man's spell, he could do nothing but believe his words, and so he was told to kill every good creature he would ever meet. He was also told about his weaknesses. Walking in daylight would destroy him, as well as a branch of a holy oak could harm him, or water from a, by Galanhir's followers blessed, spring. At this time, he changed his name to Euronymous.

His task was not fully accomplishable, but his first targets were his sick mother and his father. He killed them the same night that he got the power of immortality. Still, there was a faint trace of goodness in his blood, making him remember the evil his brothers had worked on him. This goodness, mixed with his new evil way of living, made him kill his brothers as well. Despite his normally physical inferiority to his brothers, he easily killed them with his new powers, and thanking Shezael and the dark man, who had led him into this, he went out to discover the world to find every secret contained within the reach of an immortal mind. With no regrets, he walked into the vast world, under the influence of his nearly godly powers.

After a few days, he understood that his powers were not fully so godly that he had earlier thought, and with time, he would lose, or at least weaken his powers. Neither his immortality was as complete as he had earlier thought. So, he wanted to find out if there was a way to become truly immortal. He searched the world for people that could teach him more of his so uncommon kin. Everywhere he met people not believing him when he told them about what he was, some even tried to kill him. Noticing that any attempt was futile made him think about what he could really do with his powers. He met evil people that told him that only his heart and mind was of the dark, not his soul, which still was as pure as the light in which Galanhir's followers bath. In time, he got in touch with a priest of the dark ways who knew about the man who had given him the power of immortality. This priest also confirmed Euronymous' theory about that his 'immortality' was slowly fading. Though, this priest told him that there was only one way to attain this 'true immortality'. He desired this so much; that he decided to do as the priest told him, and that was to seek out the Dark Queen, Shezael herself. So he did. She asked him if he wanted his soul to be forever pure, or if he wanted to possess a truly black soul. He did not have to think for long when answering that his soul was of no use to him, if it wasn't as black as the night, which he so adored, and had to live in. Shezael blessed his soul, leading it into infinite obscurity. She gave him the power to move by day, not being burnt to death by the seven suns. Also, his other weaknesses were removed, so no holy oak or holy water would ever be able to harm him more than any other things. This would make his "life" easier, and it did. He was also told to seek out Snacky, an evil soon-to-be-priest, for any help that he would ever need. He was told that Snacky's destiny was to become her arch-priest. Euronymous thanked her for giving him more power, and also for showing him the dark way, so that the ones, who not so long ago had despised him and called him 'dark in heart, pure in soul', would accept him. Once again, it was confirmed that his powers would fade, and the Dark Queen told him that he could only get them back once they were fully gone. So the only change from the night when his mother became sick was after this, that his heart and soul were completely black. His destiny was to become an Immortal, Dark Knight in Shezael's service, and this was exactly what he wanted to be. All that stood between him and his destiny was a long and hard road into immortality, with people trying to stop him. Shortly after this, on his 16th birthday, he lost his last ounce of immortality, and had to fight to win it back. His inhuman, almost godly, powers were lost, and all that remained were a blackened heart and a black soul.

On his journey, he finally met Snacky, of whom Shezael had spoken, and they became friends. Snacky's help was invaluable to Euronymous, as he slowly became stronger and stronger. Immortality was now the only thing that Euronymous ever thought about, and he was certain that one day, he would achieve it...

He did not only find friends of the Dark side on his journey, but he made some powerful enemies as well. His worst enemy came to be a dwarf in the service of Galanhir, named Fyah. Euronymous' life was filled with battles with this dwarf, and never were their battles to end. Protected by their gods, no one killed the other one until a long time in the future, but that is another story. He also came to meet Galadril and Feyd, priests of Galanhir, who would also become his enemies. He also felt the disappointment of betrayal, as his fellow servant of the Queen, Clethor, turned his back on the evil church to follow Reset and uphold the balance. Euronymous still acted friendly to Clethor, knowing that it would be the best for the moment, and when the time was right, he would stab him in the back to show him that no one crosses the path of his Queen and lives. When he was young, he looked up to few mortals, and one of them was Warf, an evil mage that he respected deeply. Another one he had heard lots of stories about was Aenefreth, and he respected this dark elf as much as he respected Warf, though he was not to meet him until he had grown both old and strong. Those were two people that inspired him to go on, even when times were really tough. Also Snacky had a big part in motivating the young vampire. He also met BloodyMary, a dark knight of the Queen. They only met once during Euronymous' mortal life, but before they went separate ways, the knight gave Euronymous a sword that would become a valuable part in his quest, the BloodySword. It was to be reforged many a time before he reached his immortality, but he still remembers the day that he got this blade, and how he adored it. However, this blade was lost some time ago, and he still wants it back, even though it might not be as mighty a blade as the one he came to use later, it still is of great value to him.

Finally he reached this true immortality, and this changed him. It was his only goal in life, and when he had reached it he didn't know what to do next. After some thinking, he decided that he wanted to settle down, and he went searching for a proper place to do so. While wandering the dark cemetary of Tumulus, he discovered something he had not seen there before: a tower wherein undead creatures were roaming. He decided to make this tower his own, and he took it by force by killing the undead, or making them flee in panic, and finally killing their lord, the great demon Rashgaul. In the heat of the battle, he lost his precious Bloody Cursed Sword, the blade Bloodymary gave him, but now reforged and possessing even greater powers. He swore to find his blade, even if he were to travel the very depths of hell to find it. He was certain that Rashgaul knew where it was, and he still thinks that the answer can only be found when he finds the spirit of the dead demon.

He still roams the land of Frandum, searching for his sword and bringing the holy followers of Galanhir to eternal sleep. Whether you fear him or not is up to you, but it would be wise to be suspicious about every dark corner and cave, because you might never know where he may be, or what he will do.




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