The story of Vecna

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Chapter I: Thoughts

Tantalizing whispers echo in my very mind, yet my last human part.
Horrifying appearances dance in my eternal prison, tearing my soul apart.
Oblivion is my cage, wrapped into thick and unbreakable chains of misery.
Uttering the arcane words will not remove the jinx depicted by the prophecy.
Good and Evil fought, the Dark vanquished and the victim was me.
However the tales were told, no God's champion can be compared to me.
Through the gifted eye I am still there, witnessing the weakness of mortals.
Sadistic thoughts emerge as I compare their weakness to my wickness yet mortal.

'To be or to be, this is the answer', the Dark Queen said.
Hunted by these words, I can finally understand the gravity of my deed,
Or shall I say the results of my acts Shezael cannot forbid...
Under the grip of my lethal end and these oppressive thoughts mortals cannot bear,
Gather your sons and listen to me, for I am going to recite my story,
How I, Vecna of Agnor, former daughter of Aemir and Lilith lived,
The numerous battles I fought branding pride and victory and how
Salvation preserved the followers of Light, thus dragging me into the depths of Hell.

Chapter II: Birth in Hell

Blazing fires explode in a blood-dripping sky, welcoming the new birth.
Iron begins to melt into widow makers the child's army will wield on earth.
Reptiles begin to hide beneath the rocks as the doom hour has been forecasted.
Terrific beasts roar with ghastly snarls as the rune has been finally nested.
Hinted about the dawn of the prophecy, the covens of witches begin their incantations.

Bewitched by the beauty of the malevolent succubus, the king of Valea falls,
Irrelevant was his will in front of a diabolical mind created by the Darkness.
Resigned to a blurring love, the Good finally brought his share to the Gods' espieglery.
The days of peace rubbed away, the gifted child was finally born.
Hollowed eye was her mark, a royal insignia granted by the Evil herself.

Blood-flooding in the veins, hatred and felony began to possess the champion.
Immortality got a price, devotion and obedience were a first part.
Repulsive feelings swirled in the heart, soaking it into the tremendous source of Evil.
Twisting demons gathered all around the girl's sacrament, orchestrated by Lilith.
Hell was the beginning of the mad adventure, far from Aemir's eyes.

To be continued...

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