Fyah the Aspirant

Years ago, in a dwarven village of Kraegor in which followers of Galanhir lived, was a couple that wanted a child but had a hard time getting one. As the days passed, and the days became years, they almost gave up. However, one day Galanhir showed up and granted them the wish they had had for so many years. After short while, he disappeared. Months passed, and a boy was born. They named him Fyah. His father was a mighty magician, and his mother was a healer. When Fyah was ten years old, he studied the arts of magic under his father, but he was a poor magician, and he soon started thinking about another course, the more physical course of battling.

One day when he was 16 years old he went fishing alone. It was a slow day, and he had only caught a few tunas in the whole day, so he decided to go home again. A couple of hours later, he was close to the shore of his village, but something wasn't what it should be. He saw a big ship, and on it was a man clad in a black, hooded robe. The young dwarf couldn't see the face of the man, but he could feel that he was up to no good. The dark man waved his arms and hurled incantations in the direction of the shore. In the distance, the sound of roaring thunder mixed with the sounds of panicing women and children, were slowly rising to an overwhelming level. The men of the village armed themselves, and set boats into the sea to defend the village against this wicked sorcerer. The sorcerer still waved his arms, shouting words of unimaginable power, and with a mighty bang, the land was torn asunder, and enormous waves rose all around the village, swallowing it whole. The dark man ceased his spellcasting, and commanded the crew on his ship to sail away. The young Fyah could hardly believe his eyes; this display of black magic would forever stay in his memory. A few moments later, a big wave struck his boat, and knocked him unconscious. Some time later, maybe weeks, maybe months, he woke up to the sight of two city patrollers poking him with their large weapons, shouting 'Wake up!'. He was now in the harbour of the great city Sanctuary. Slowly coming to his senses, he said 'Oh, my head... Where am I, and what happened?', with a trembling voice. The patrollers saw that he had awoken, and they couldn't have him lying about in the harbour, so they grabbed him by his arms and carried him outside the city gates. On the way there, he caught a glimpse of Galanhir's temple, and thought to himself that one day he would serve the good Lord as his parents had done. He suddenly remembered what had happened, and he started to cry as the patrollers carried him away. He was thrown outside the gates, and he started walking around a bit. After some time, he came to an open spot in the middle of a forest of poplar trees. He saw a big statue of the god Reset, and also a sign telling a bit about the world. This is where the real adventure started for the young dwarf. This is also where he was to meet people that would have big influence on his future life. Friends like his High Priest, Feyd the Elven Prophet and Grunt, Heir of the Ocean and Galadril, Herald of the Winds. He also met other creatures of a more dark nature, creatures like Snacky the Necromancer and Euronymous, a vampire who was still not truly immortal when they first met, but in his immortality would become his greatest enemy.




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