Connect to Frandum

The classic and easy way

Historically, MUDs have been accessed via simple telnet connections, and that remains the most universal (and safe for work!) way of accessing them:

Enter Frandum

telnet 2001

The game will ask you a few questions regarding your character:

  • The name, which is yours to choose as long as it remains rather original (the not original names you will see in older players are inheritance of the past)
  • A password used to identify yourself, which, of course, should not be easy to guess
  • Your character's gender and race, which should be chosen beforehand (other customizations will be performed later in the game)
  • The game will then send you to the tutorial which will help you understanding the game and lead you to the mystery you will have to unveil...

The modern and risky way

Client login

We have designed a specific client to give you the best possible MUDding experience with Frandum. Simply click on the image above to launch it. Please read the following pages in order to learn how to download and use the client:

The game will ask you for your name and password, then you will be able to choose your race and gender before starting to play. Please note that the client relies upon very recent web technologies and will require a modern browser: it could also freeze from time to time which can be overcome by simply reloading the page (without hahving to connect again, thankfully).

Using and configuring other clients

Your Internet browser may not allow you directly connecting via telnet. As well, some telnet programs may have strange behaviors. Thus, if you have troubles with our custom client and do not want or can't connect through a regular telnet, we recommand that you use one of the following programs:

  • Putty, the most simple telnet client for Windows
  • VIPMud, a favourite of screen reader users
  • MUSHClient, another well-known and customizable client
  • Mudlet, a recent endeavour that is gaining popularity
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