Snacky the Necromancer

In a night of half-moon when only Gods were still awake, the rage and the hatred which were forgotten for a long time in the subsoil of the hearts, reached a dangerous limit and from their overflow were born black souls condemned to wander between life and death.

Among those, only one escaped its fate and requested an eternal life near the dark queen. The dice were thrown and of a divine breath a body was created. Divine blood ran in the veins of the one who sought glory. The mark of the queen was impregnated by her cobra on the face so that the form reflects the heart and to remind that the face will always remain the mystery of Evils, sometimes by masks, sometimes by metamorphisms. Thus was the beginning of Snacky in this world, a soul at whom Shezael smiled and who had to show his valors to gain his place. The way was long and hard, but his experience was increasing as long as he met and discovered the others. From sunset to dawn, with ignited eyes like embers, he crossed woods and dunes looking for broken souls to relieve, those sinking in despair and wishing to be delivered from their material form. As soon as he met a creature blinded by the light of Galanhir, as a gentleman, he offered to it its eternal peace and for his account, he just gathered the remains in which he recovered the souls' prints and the memories of the spirits, those small things which make his mystery and maintain his force.

Reaching wizardhood, Snacky showed his valors and deserved what was given to him. The soul from now on is mature and ready to impose himself. The one who bought formerly life, will sell death generously. Steal and rape are part of his continual prayer for She who is All. He preaches his religion which venerates force, power and felony. This is the story of a soul created by the rage to maintain its eternity.





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