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The Brotherhood

Frandum is not one of a kind and has been born from an original Swedish MUD called DUMII. Along the years, other DUMs were born and died, and now only the two of us remain, so be sure to support both DUMs and simply enjoy playing them!

The vintage DUM: DUMII

The origins of DUMII fall back into the genesis of our time, and the game has never ceased evolving, keeping it the most famous and the most crowded DUM of all, which is highly deserved.

DUMII's logo

Other MUDs

If you are tired of DUMs, or if you want to extend your mudding experience, visit The Mud Connector where you will find plenty of MUDs and MUD resources.

For text lovers

If you are using a screen reader or have come to love the fact that games do not always require 3D-VR-surround-watchacallit, try the AudioGames website which lists games that can be played without graphics. They even referenced us: now, aren't they nice?

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