Slayer, Hegemon of Druids

Be welcome among us my friend,

If you are one of those who do not know me, be aware that my name is Slayer, son of a defunct elf, Alangor from Leavern and of a woman, Yoanna from Leutariny.  I was born a long time ago in this same village. It is the old druide Kamboe, friend of my father Alangor, who brought me up after his death and taught me his art. Being a good scholar, I was quite rapidly admitted in the strongest druidic circle in this world and soon succeeded in my first missions, which helped me reached the third circle. I also studied religion during this period, understanding quite rapidly that Good and Evil must cohabit in the world, controlled by Neutrality to let both good and evil survive and so allow everybody choosing their own path and fight for their side... As I was willing to help maintain this balance, I was presented to the High Priest Krandhall, who gave me final lessons on neutrality and aligned me neutral.

Being old enough to go on to fight for earning the title of Druid of the Fourth Circle, I wandered around the world, living both marvellous and dangerous adventures. During one of them in Fire'Season, I was injured badly physically and mentally but wise men from a long forgotten civilization found me and helped me develop my magic powers, giving me a very precious ring I have kept since this time, the wisdom ring.

Back in my own village, I was able to claim the title of Druid of the Fourth cycle and the Great-Druid Hérémir help me finish my training and led the final ceremony.

Then was it for me the beginning of a long period of both research and adventures. The picture you can see in this book is from that time, at a moment where I was exploring a witch's lair. I chose my path in druidism: between alchemy, religion and nature's comprehension, I dedicated to alchemy and I can tell that my potions were often useful during my quests. Of course, I have not completely let the two others paths apart, using them and my faith in the True and Mighty God Reset to enforce me.

After many years, having performed many feats, my name beginning to be well recognized among my fellow druids, and the Earth'Season in which our religious ceremonies of promotions are performed, it was decided I would be named Master Druid on the first day of third week of Coldeven, Earth'Season. At this time, my powers were already important, and with the help of my knowledge in alchemy and the strength of my spiritual link with nature, I had obtained a very special weapon, named GreenStorm. Originally a scimitar, the powers of GreenStorm are related to my psychic strength, and they are consequently growing together.

The next step for me was to become an Immortal, the wish of any frandum's player. Being already famous for my druidistic knowledges, I was given the druidic amulet, which made of me the head of all druidic circles of Frandum. This event incitated me to be even more careful in helping to maintain the balance of the world and I developped my magic powers to be accepted as a Thaumaturge. Valdar greeted me in this very close society, teaching me the special powers of this cast.

This goal attained, I dedicated myself to the revival of druids in Frandum, to restore the presence of druids in this world. In consequence, I helped many people to get initiated and created new circles. To lead one of this circles, I choose the Druid Armand who was consecrated Master Druid for the occasion. As the head of all druidic circles, I was now myself Hegemon of Druids.

Come and you will be listened to. Slayer, Hegemon of Druids




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