Contacting us

From within

  • The majority of the questions you will ask yourself have already been asked, and the relative information should be visible within the help files.
  • If you have begun to master the commands and the basic gameplay but you feel a bit lost in the world, read the guidelines.
  • If none of these help, try and ooc someone in order to talk with them, or ask everyone over the chat channel.
  • If no one is available, try and report to get a speedy answer whenever next an admin connects.
  • Once you begin to gather money, a 10 goins mail will prove the easiest way to contact another active player.
  • Commands are available if you find a typo, a bug, or if you have an original idea for the game.


From outside

If you want to contact the administrators for any reason, there is only one e-mail address:

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