Gally the Aspirant

A long time ago, a little boy was born. His name was Gally. His family used to live in peace in a village blessed by the light of Galanhir. One day when Gally was about to celebrate his tenth birthday, something terrible happened. The village was attacked by a huge flock of ugly orcs. They destroyed and slayed all the people in the village except this little boy who was luckily playing in the treehut and could follow the disaster from where nobody could see him. All his people were slaughtered in front of his crying eyes but he couldn't do anything to stop that. After the monsters left, he gathered all the remaining food he could find among the ashes and started his travelling after them. Only one obsession echoed in his young, yet suffering mind: taking revenge from those who had slain his family. His travel didn't go very far as he lost the orcs' tracks in the forest some miles away from home. He was tired and fell asleep on the trunk of an old tree. When the morning came, he got awaked by a man standing in front of him. The man asked Gally about his story, Gally said "my family has been slain by orcs and I got lost in this forest". The man promised Gally that he would take care of him and that he would help him find those who had killed his family. That man was a powerful magician and a follower of Galanhir, the Lord of Light. They started to search in the forest looking for any hint that may show them where the orcs went but they didn't find any.

Unfortunately, they haven't found the orcs who are still running the world and spreading the misery of Evil all over the hearts of the innocents. But Gally is there now, training himself to protect the innocents and avenge the deads.




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