Guilds in Frandum

What is a guild?

Guilds are the preferred places for adventurers to get quests, items, or to find people to train them in their different skills. A guild is basically a kind of order people join if it matches their principles and if they prove worthy of it. Every guild is organised hierarchically, with one or several guild masters, and all the other members ranked according to their merits within the guild. People in Frandum know that entering a guild means becoming part of a community, guild services being always available for you, and your guild brothers most certainly willing to help you. Guilds also have influence, and by your deeds you will contribute either to the fame or to the shame of your guild. Lastly, guilds also have enemies, and sometimes come in open war with other guilds, so be careful in your choices.
Here follows a list of the guilds which are open to adventurers, and a few words describing them:

Alchemists guild

Our guild is located on some flowery hills on the verge of Kraegor. Our vision is creation by changing material and people, on the contrary to healers who only promote conservation, thus we don't accept any of this guild. Alchemists know a lot about herbalism and alchemy and they brew potions as no one else. They also handle most of the basics about magic and spells. It is told that the highest members of this guild look always young and wealthy. Did they find the secret of eternal life?

Druids guild

The eastern part of an eucalyptus forest in Tan Lorak has become for druids a point of gathering. They are the priests of Nature and spend most of their time protecting forests and wild animals. As Nature is itself an equilibrium between good and evil, druids only accept neutrals as members, but live in peace with all the other guilds. Though they are not expert in skills, druids have a basic knowledge of herbalism and brewing, as well as how to survive in the wild.

Elementalists guild

Elementalists are poor in fighting tactics and rely on spells to defend their life. They practice both defensive and offensive magic skills, as well as a good knowledge of brewing. Located near a canyon in Dostenia, elementalists are avoiding any contact with fighters, whom they despise as thoughtless and brutal.

Fighters guild

This guild is for brave and wild fighters, tough too, and is located in the city of Morcook. The guild's emphasis is on strength and power, thus their main training is in offensive and defensive fighting skills, and strengthening their body. They also have weapon and armor special shops, as well as good prices when dealing with forging experts. Fighter don't consider spells as a fair way to win a battle and use it only as a mean not a end. Elementalists are for them weak people and do not deserve to join their guild.

Healers guild

Located in Morcook, the healers guild is providing help to the whole city. Healers know basic first aid, and take care of the injured and ill. They have to refrain from bloodshed, and dislike alchemists, who focus on a wrong knowledge, the one of the inanimate. Only life is important! Healers are good in brewing and resisting magic, but their main knowledge is on the body and the way to regenerate from wounds. A lot of people swear having seen healers entering deadly wounded in their guild, that came out a few minutes after in top shape!

Merchants guild

Merchants are good at buying and selling, and that's pretty much what they do all day long. Making money is one of the first goal here, and you cannot really rise in this guild if you are not interested in that. From the city of Morcook, merchants are doing commerce, and fight thieves who spoil the business. Merchants are the most skilled in haggling and have some knowledge on loot, and the guild help them becoming wealthier and wealthier...

Necromancers guild

Necromancers exercise black magic. They may control dead or raise an undead army to aid their wicked purposes. They are focused on death and destruction, draining life around... No one knows really where their guild is, though people believe it is near a graveyard, allowing necromancers to quietly loot the graves for their use. Only evil beings can join this guild. They have basic knowledge in magic, loot and sight, though their main interest is destroying good with the help of their guild.

Ordo Dei Optimae (paladins)

Founded by King Aemir I on the grounds of his castle of Agnor, Ordo Dei Optimae is the place where the proudest followers of Galanhir gather. From their past as paladins, the members of this guild remember some skills in fighting and adventuring, but they life is not dedicated to war. Some of them choose the path of a cleric, focusing on curing and blessing, widening their knowledge of holy items, to better fight Evil.

Rangers guild

Rangers usually live in vast forests and avoid cities as much as possible, for they feel ill at ease within walls... They acquire skills to survive most of the dangers of the wild areas. They do their best to protect the forest, and every animal within. Rangers use their training in fighting and awareness to master new situations and survive in the harsh wild world. The main rangers' camp is located in the outskirts of Leavern's Elventrees, though rangers are often moving. People believe that they have developed their own way of travelling, and can almost reach any forest in the world very quickly.

Thieves guild

Located west of Tumulus, thieves are working to put an end to the well-establish order of merchants. They are the most skilled at loot, and don't expect to keep something a thief is wanting. They are also good at haggling and developed a good sense to detect hidden things. Some people believe that thieves develop their own language, aimed to their secret bargain, but no one really knows about it. Some other people speak also about one of its branch focusing on murders called the dark Hand, but no one knows where is their secret headquarters. Probably hidden in the deepest shadows of a town...

Travellers guild

Travellers are located in Tumulus. Their main goal is to collect information throughout the world, may it be concerning history or geography, writing story books or maps, with which the guild is filled. A great part of their time is dedicated to exploration and adventuring, though they often spend most of their time in the biggest cities, where information is, and try to establish commercial roads between cities and villages throughout the world. Most of them don't especially love adventures, but seek knowledge in the past and try to understand the world. Travellers developed a good knowledge of adventuring but are especially skilled in finding hidden paths, or getting information wherever they are.

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