Tales of the Third Age

An age of legends

The Third Age, also called the Age of Legends, which ended more than a millenium ago, is barely recalled by our scholars of the Fourth Age. Yet tales of how it ended have been transmitted to us, some by mere oral form, some in old manuscripts written by contemporaries of that Age's Legends. Most of them have been copied by the historians of the Travellers Guild, and presented in the following form, also called "Tales of the Third Age". One book has been dedicated to each Legend, and they can be read separately, even though their lives were tied together by bounds set by the gods themselves...

The legends' tales

Good Neutral Evil


The political situation

Political map (third age)

Political map of the Third Age (circa 1500)

Overall chronology

Year Good Neutral Evil
1530 Coming of Osidarta
  Coming of Sentinel
   Coming of Drago
1545  Osidarta saves the dragon Hrin-Dorl
   Sentinel fights in Carleny
1550      Destruction of Kraggen-Kor
1555  Osidarta frees the city of Tanith
   Founding of Kraegor and Thunderdelve
1560 Osidarta leads the sandmen to the creation of Eberzan
1565  Osidarta ascends to Heaven
Birth of Begethine
  Birth of Atermione     
1570       Atermione is abandonned
  Creation of Tagran
  Atermione becomes a druid   Tagran builds Hell's army
1585    Begethine's quest for the Axe of Creation   Atermione and Begethine fall in love
1590   Founding of Sanctuary
 Birth of Darimer
     Tagran attacks the winged men
1600 Birth of Aemir
 Birth of Eorl        
1605    Birth of Cary
     Mohadek's pact with Drago
1610  Death of Aemir's parents
 Aemir goes to Sanctuary
 Darimer becomes Baron of Kalinth
1615 Aemir leaves Sanctuary
 Aemir's raids on orcish settlements / He meets Maewyn
1620  Aemir retakes Agnor and Valea
 Darimer sends clerics to Aendhol
1625 Conception of Vecna
   Birth of Vecna
1630  Sack of Kalinth    Fall of Aendhol
Renewal of Reset's cult
   Death of Darimer     Tagran steals the scales of Balance
1640  Foundation of Ordo Dei Optimae  Cary saves sanctuary
   Vecna destroys Kayla
 Desctruction of Thunderdelve
1645   Death of Eorl  Sentinel battles Tagran   Siege of Agnor / Abdunction of Begethine
Death of Tagran
1650  Aemir seeks the Orb of Destiny    
Atermione's sacrifice Death of Vecna
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