From the beginning of times, messages have come from the endless realm of the stars, the people of Frandum trying to see the words of their gods within them. Among these, shooting stars are definitely considered as the most potent omens of the gods' will. The most famous example of this is the coming of Osidarta in the fireball of a gigantic meteor, which reinforced people's belief in these signs from the sky. Thus it is unsurprising that they think Stelen marked by Galanhir's sign. On the day of her birth, a comet fell over the city of Sanctuary, threatening to destroy the whole city. Yet, a ray of light burst from among the small houses, making the meteor curve its trajectory to end its trip in the Azure river. Even so, the city should have been under the threat of a tidal wave, but the waters remained strangely peaceful. Those who were awake then marveled at what they had seen, and a few noticed that the ray of salvation had come from the house of Vinam and Aldea, who had become through the night parents to a little girl they chosed to name Stelen. Even so, they tried to bring her up into the tradition of humility and faith in Galanhir which was the mark of Sanctuary, seemingly oblivious of the events of her birth and her unworldly appearance. Thus, fifteen years passed...

You are looking at a young woman whom you cannot categorize: even though she looks like a perfectly normal human being, her strange features make you somehow doubtful of her true nature. Her skin is white, milky and without any defect, wrapping her slender body like a sheet of silk. Her golden hair flows around her thin, oval face, radiating more than reflecting the light. Dots of light flicker in her deep, fathomless black eyes which seem to be windows opening onto another universe. Somehow, you get the disturbing feeling that Stelen does not belong to this world.




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